Dachshund Socks

                                                                         PAMPER YOUR PAWS WITH DOX SOX!         


                    Wahoo Wieners Dox Sox                                                                     Pair-a-Dox Sox                         

         Longhair Dox Sox

We've teamed up with with the folks at For Bare Feet sock company to create our very own Dachshund Socks! 
Our original dachshund artwork has been woven directly into the sock fabric. Socks are size Medium and fit Women's shoe sizes 6-11 and Men's shoe sizes 5-10.  The soft comfy fabric is 75% sensura polyester, 25% stretch nylon. Machine wash & dry. Made in the USA.  Copyright © by What's Up Dox Dachshund Shoppe, LLC. All rights reserved. 

                                            Wahoo Wieners Dox Sox 
                                                                             Mid Crew Length


                                                    Pair-a-Dox Sox
                                                                              Short Crew Length


                                               Longhair Dox Sox
                                                                              Mid Crew Length




Dox Sox are a sweet treat for Dachsaholic feet!

Have some fun, cover your tootsies in doxies!

Hey look, now I have long flowing ears like a longhair!