Snuggle Bags, Minky Cuddle Bags and Snuggle Den Pockets: Beds for Burrowing Dachshunds


If you have dachshunds you know how they like to burrow and snuggle. Snuggle Bags, Minky 3 Way Cuddle Bags and Snuggle Den Pockets are the perfect cozy and secure dog bed for your doxie to cuddle up, dream sweet dreams and, if they are like our weenies, snore like lumberjacks.  Fabrics selections change frequently, check out our current selection at the below link.

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What's Up Dox will feature your dachshund's photo! If you purchase a Snuggle Bag or Minky Cuddle Bag and would like to have your dachshund featured on our DOXIE SNUGGLE BAG PICS  page, please email a photo of your doxie enjoying the Snuggle Bag!
                                                                        "Nighty-night Termites!"