Snuggle Bags and Minky Cuddle Bags: Beds for Burrowing Dachshunds


If you have dachshunds you know how they like to burrow and snuggle. Snuggle Bag and Minky Cuddle Bag dog beds are the perfect cozy, snuggly, secure spot for your doxie to cuddle up and dream sweet dreams of treats and kisses. What's the difference between Snuggle Bags and Minky Cuddle Bags? See below for details!

                                                                             SNUGGLE BAGS


The inside of the Snuggle Bag is lined with soft sherpa  fleece (also known as shearling or imitation sheepskin) and we make the outside in a variety of different fabric styles and colors, from plaids to florals to dog theme prints to novelties. Snuggle Bags measure 26" x 30" which will accommodate a couple of mini/tweenie size dachshunds (10 to 15 lbs) or a standard dachshund (up to 30 lbs). Doxies pictured weigh between 11 and 14 lbs.

       "If you're sleepy I'll share my Snuggle Bag with you."                         "Snuggle Bags make cool forts to hide toys & bones!"

Snuggle Bags are sewn with commercial grade nylon thread so they are strong and durable and made to last. In addition the Snuggle Bag has reinforced hidden seams so it's reversible and it stays open simply by folding it back, like so:


Each of our Snuggle Bags is handmade, one at a time, by Phil, who has been a professional upholsterer for over 30 years (in addition to being a Wiener Grampy extraordinaire!) Because each bag is handmade we generally only have one or two Snuggle Bags in any given fabric. We have new fabrics available weekly.  Care Instructions: Toss in the washer, toss in the dryer, shake to fluff and voila, it's ready to be snuggled in again.

                                                                              MINKY CUDDLE BAGS


Ultra sumptuous and cozy, Minky Cuddle Bags are made of whisper soft minky fabrics that wrap your burrowing dachshund in luxury. They measures 25" wide x 28" long, are reversible and can also be pulled flat to a 25" x 56" blanket if your doxie prefers nesting to burrowing. Minky Bags are handmade in a variety of select fabrics by our friends at Dream On.



                "Geez, Charlie, roll over, you're snoring again!                                    "You haven't lived until you've experienced 
                             Boy, can you saw some logs!"                                                                       the luxury of a Snuggle Bag!"
Both Snuggle Bags and Minky Cuddle Bags can be used on a bed or couch to protect your furniture, in a crate, on the floor, in the car, or any spot your doxie chooses to snuggle. It's sure to be your puppers favorite spot to snooze!



Snuggle Bags are a comfy spa wrap after my bath."                     "They're also a good place to hide from the world."

       "Ssssshhhhh! Don't wake Heidi up, she's very cranky if she doesn't get her beauty rest"            
                    To sleep perchance to dream....                      "Sleeping is my second favorite pastime, next to suppertime of course!"


"We're like two peas in a pod in our Snuggle Bag!"                          "Snuggle Bags are a good place to hide from your
                                                                                                                                mom if you do something bad...not that we're ever
                                                                                                                                bad...we're just sayin'...

What's Up Dox will feature your dachshund's photo! If you purchase a Snuggle Bag or Minky Cuddle Bag and would like to have your dachshund featured on our DOXIE SNUGGLE BAG PICS  page, please email a photo of your doxie enjoying the Snuggle Bag!
                                                           "Nighty-night Termites!"